The main aim of ResistantElms.co.uk is to inform rather than to sell.  Nevertheless, if you would like to obtain modest quantities of the elms described here, I may be able to help.

In the case of patented trees which I cannot legally propagate for sale, I can probably obtain them for you from licensed growers.  These are usually large overseas nurseries whose minimum order terms put their stock out of the reach of consumer purchasers, or forestry agencies which would not deal with consumers at all.  The only clones which are definitely unavailable are Accolade (since there are currently no European licensees), and the “Resista” range for which enquiries should be addressed to Eisele GmbH.

In the case of non-patented trees, I can propagate these to order.  This requires specialist equipment and a certain amount of experience.  It also requires luck.

If you would like to obtain trees from me, the procedure is this.  You fill in the enquiry form.  You will receive a reply, normally within 10 working days, stating whether I am likely to be able to supply what you want.  At this stage, neither you nor I are under any legal obligation.

Once I know for sure that I will be able to supply your needs, I will email you to say so, giving details of price, expected delivery costs and so on.  This is a legal offer.  If you reply to accept, we have a contract.

Trees will be shipped in the dormant season between November and February.  They are likely to be rooted cuttings from the previous spring, or somewhat older than that if sourced from nurseries.  For several reasons I do not deal in large sizes of tree.  Bear in mind that small trees establish quickly, and that most of the new hybrids grow surprisingly fast anyway.

The price per plant for trees propagated by me will be in the region of £8 for a rooted cutting from the previous season, or £12 for a transplant, decreasing somewhat for orders of multiple trees.  Postage and packing are charged at cost.  Shipping is exclusively to UK mainland addresses.  Terms and conditions apply.

As far as I am aware, there is no easy alternative means of obtaining most of the trees described here.