The Elm

Is the elm a native tree?
How many distinct types of elm are there in this country?
Are these trees found beyond this country?
Does Dutch elm come from Holland?
Is Dutch elm the one that gets Dutch elm disease?
Are there any mature elms left in this country?
Occasionally one sees small elms in parks. What are they??

The Disease

What is elm disease?
How does elm disease spread?
Where does it come from?
How was the disease introduced to this country?
Has the elm has overcome the disease in the past?
If the disease kills all the elms, doesn’t the beetle which spreads it die out?
Why is it that young elms seem healthy until they reach a certain height, and then they die?

Disease control

Could the rhythm of reinfection theoretically be interrupted?
Can the spread of the disease be controlled?
How is it that the disease was halted in Brighton?
Can the scolytus beetle be eliminated?
Do any of the traditional elms resist the disease?
Will the elm develop natural resistance to the disease?
Could the elm be genetically modified to be resistant?
Every so often there are claims that a resistant elm has been found. Are they true?

Disease-resistant elms

Can any elm at all be safely planted?
What gives these hybrids their resistance?
Where were they developed?
Is it appropriate to plant non-native trees?
What will these trees ultimately look like?
Why aren’t these trees to be found in garden centres?
Are there other modern hybrid elms which are not covered by this website?

Availability of trees

Are these hybrids available from ResistantElms.co.uk?
Is this site in effect a tree nursery?