Welcome to Resistant Elms

Even though elm disease is here to stay, elms can still be planted and should grow healthily to maturity.

It all depends on making the right choice of elm.

As a result of specialised breeding programmes, there are now several new hybrid elms which will shrug off the disease.  Most of them have only recently reached Britain.  To date, information about them has been sketchy, and they have been difficult or impossible to buy.  This site is dedicated to them.

If you want to plant elms, ResistantElms.co.uk will help you

  • Discover the new hybrids
  • Assess their strengths and weaknesses
  • Obtain them at a reasonable price

If you would like to learn more about elm disease and the breeding of resistant trees, visit FAQs and the pages on Assessing Elm Clones.

If you would simply like to find out what the magnificent English elms looked like before their destruction (or renew acquaintance with them), visit our sister site “Immemorial Elm”, which uses photographs, art and language to try to summon the ghost of this most loved of trees.